U.S. 5th Circuit held reasonableness of an ADA accommodation request is normally a fact issue plus alleged discrimination is not enough for discriminatory firing claim under ADA

Jones v. Lubbock County Hosp. Dist., 19-11364, 2020 WL 6787549, at *1 (5th Cir. Nov. 18, 2020)

 This is an interlocutory appeal of a granting of summary judgment for the University Medical Center (“UMC”) and appealed by its former employee, Ricky Jones. The U.S. 5th Circuit affirmed in part, vacated in part, and remanded in part.

Jones, a respiratory therapis, has breathing problems and relies on supplemental oxygen. He requested UMC to accommodate his condition by letting him wear a portable oxygen device while working, but UMC denied the request. Subsequently, Jones took a few weeks of leave after working for a few days with his supplemental oxygen device, applied for, and was offered a secretarial position with UMC. Jones denied the offer after he returned from leave and felt he could without his device. Jones again requested the use of the device, was denied, then took a few weeks of leave. During that time, he sought other work around UMC but found no opening. After a third request was denied, he put in his two weeks’ notice and resignation. During the two weeks, Jones was fired for sending messages which violated UMC’s policy against gossip. Jones filed suit. UMC filed a motion for summary judgement which the trial court granted. Jones appealed.

The Fifth Circuit vacated the lower court’s ruling, stating that whether a proposed accommodation is reasonable is generally a fact issue and that Jones showed a triable fact issue in how he and UMC interpreted his request.  However, for Jones’ discrimination claim, the Fifth Circuit held that the evidence of UMC’s alleged failure to accommodate did not offer evidence to connect it to his being fired. UMC was able to show a legitimate reason for Jones’ firing which Jones failed to rebut.  As a result, the discrimination claim remained dismissed but the failure to accommodate claim was remanded.

If you would like to read this per curiam opinion click here. Panel consists of Judge Stewart, Justice Duncan, and Justice Wilson.

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