Section 8 tenant failed to properly plead case against Housing Authority


Latrenia E. Pleasant v. Nacogdoches Housing Authority of the City of Nacogdoches, Texas, No. 06-13-00008-CV (Tex. App. Texarkana June 6, 2013).

When the Nacogdoches Housing Authority (“NHA”) terminated Pleasant’s renter assistance funding she sued alleging race and disability discrimination, negligence, and breach of HUD regulations. The trial court granted NHA’s no-evidence summary judgment and Pleasant appealed.

The NHA argued Pleasant’s assistance was terminated for violating several HUD rules including getting in altercations with other tenants, failing to report income, having a convicted criminal (unauthorized person) reside in the apartment, and damaging the unit. Pleasant could not establish any discriminatory conduct at all, let alone related to race or disability.  This failure is primarily due to the trial court’s refusal to consider her late filed “supplemental” documents noting she failed to file a response so there was nothing to supplement as well as were late on their own. The court sustained the dismissal

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